Import-Export Farm Produce

FAST-CHEM Stanislaw Fabrowski
Krylowska 10, 22-530 Mircze, POLAND

Phone: +48 84 651-92-16
Fax: +48 84 651-03-09

About us

FAST-CHEM is a private company, which has been operating on Polish market since 1991. We offer complex services to agriculture farms with the means for agricultural production, purchasing and reselling farm produce, a considerable part of which is exported to the West and East European countries. In order to enrich our sales offer we import seeds, which due to the lack of suitable climate conditions and technologies are not grown in Poland.

Right now we have focus on two markets - rapeseed & wheat (feed and milling). We're looking forwards to foreign trade. So if You're looking for best quality seeds of rape or wheat - we invite you to do business with us.


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